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If you need your KitchenAid mixer repaired; look no further!

Grease need changing. This is probably the number one job that needs to be done routinely. When in it needs to done, relates mainly to the number of hours the machine has worked. If it’s leaking oil, then it’s time.

We do it all, brushes, adjustments, planetary gear replacements, the lot.

How to get your mixer repair in Adelaide?

Easy, drop your machine to UE64 617 Goodwood Road, Panorama 5041. This is the Kennards Storage Facility that is open 7 days a week. So you can drop your machine off on the weekends as well. There is a $75.oo minimum charge that will get you a quote to repair your machine.

Put it in a box!

When you do drop it off, please pop it in a box with your details, i.e. name, number, repairs required and any other details you think might help. The people at Kennards will send us an SMS when your machine is placed in the pickup area.

Parts are a problem. KitchenAid is unreliable when it comes to ETA’s for parts.

Doesn’t matter how many times we try to get a lock on delivery times, KitchenAid moves to the beat of their own drum. So apologies for the potential long wait for parts.

Your mixer will be returned to the pickup area on completion.

Once we have completed your repair and the balance of the account is paid the machine will be returned to the pick up area and text will be sent letting you know it’s ready for pick up.

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