Kitchen Mixer Repairs

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KitchenAid Mixer Repairs

If you need your KitchenAid mixer repaired; look no further!

Grease need changing. This is probably the number one job that needs to be done routinely. When in it needs to done, relates mainly to the number of hours the machine has worked. If it's leaking oil, then it's time.

We do it all, brushes, adjustments, planetary gear replacements, the lot.


  1. Easy, drop your machine to 617 Goodwood Road, Panorama 5041.
  2. This is the Kennards Storage Facility and it's open 7 days a week.
  3. Put your mixer in a box or some sort with you contact details. As a minimum your mobile number and full name!
  4. Tell us what you want done or what you think is wrong with it.
  5. Once the mixer is in the parcel pickup area Kenards will text us and we will pick it up and assess the mixer.
  6. There is a $75.oo minimum charge that will get you a quote to repair your machine.
  7. Once we have completed your repair and the balance of the account is paid; your mixer will be returned to the pick up area and text will be sent letting you know it's ready for pick up.

The Quote

A minimum charge applies


Once the machine is in our workshop we will turn it on and run it if it is working. Generally we will crack the body and inspect the gearbox, motor, etc for physical damage. Check the brushes, blow out any dust on the speed controller and make our assessment of what needs to be repaired.

We will ask you to deposit the minimum charge and send you typically a quote via sms. This will normally include a couple of images of the damaged items.

Sometime we will need to clean the grease from the gearbox to be able to properly identify the damage that has been done. This is not included in the minimum charge. We will normally seek your instruction and inform you of any additional cost/work that may be required before proceeding to undertake the gearbox clean. On rare occasions the damage identified can mean the repair is not economical. In this instance once the final account has been settled the mixer will be returned to the pickup area for your collection. Reassembling the unit for pick up is not included in the minimum charge. We will advise the cost to reassemble the unit; but this is normally not worth doing if the repair has been deem economically unviable.

Spare Parts Supply

Not all parts are available for all models.


KitchenAid has a reliable parts outlet in most states of Australia. Regular turnover parts are generally available from our own stocks. Meaning most repairs can be turned around in about 3-5 days.

But when they are not routine turnover parts, the delays can be annoying. At the moment sourcing parts that are in stock in Adelaide takes about a week. However, if the parts are not in stock or information is required that needs a spare parts specialist (a real person) then the minimum response time is 3 days. And that doesn't include any back and forth that maybe required to narrow down issues such as colour or superseded part numbers etc. And finally when part numbers are ordered, delivery times are unknown. They come when they come. We have no influence over this other than to say sorry.

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The licensing, skills, equipment and results are very different. Choose wisely!

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