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Please Take Notice

As of 18/10/2023 and until further notice!


Update 18/1/24: Parts are now starting to filter through, but KitchenAid are a not back up to proper supplies.

As received from our part supplier:

"KitchenAid is experiencing nationwide delays due to a complete shutdown of their parts ordering and distribution system, meaning that if you were to order them from us they may not arrive for up to 3 months." This notice was received via email on the 18 October 2023. While we carry our own store of parts, some of the more regular use parts are rapidly running. If you have a deadline, then please check with us first to see if we have the parts necessary before dropping your machine to the parcel point.

Regards Paul

The Ubiquitous KitchenAid Mixer

It seems like there is one in most kitchens


Properly maintained and used, the KitchenAid Mixer should provide a lifetime of mixing fun! But that doesn't mean you won't have to change the grease or have new brushes fitted. Adjusting the tilt-head height is also a routine that needs to be done from time to time. But it's main damage caused to mixers of all varieties is the foreign objects like spatulas being dropped in the bowl during mixing. This normally damages the worm gear and will need replacing.

KitchenAid KSM150 Black
KitchenAid KSM150 Red Front

KitchenAid Mixer Repairs - In Adelaide

Here's What You Do!


Kitchen Mixer Repairs

Pop your machine, bowl and beater in a box with your details in it!

Parcel Point (only): 617 Goodwood Road Panorama, SA 5041

7 days a week.

There is a $75 minimum charge to receive a quote for repairs.

Once the Mixer is repaired, you pick it back up at the Parcel Point.

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Real Adelaidians; Living and Working in Adelaide

Office in Payneham | Workshop in Clarence Gardens | Parcel Point/Drop Off Panorama

Our Parcel Point

Kennards Panorama

Parcel Point: Pick-up / Drop-off point

We use Kennards Panorama as our pick-up/drop-off point. So it's simple to find; U E64/617 Goodwood Road PANORAMA, SA, 5041.

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Tuesday 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 8:30am - 6:00pm

Opening Hours:

  • Thursday 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Sunday 10:00am - 4:00pm

Our Workshop Location


Please don't attend 617 Goodwood Road, Panorama SA 5041 expecting to meet with a technician. The guys behind the counter are employed by Kennards and have no connection with our business other than receiving goods/machines and notifying us when they arrive!

Being able to offer a non-contact KitchenAid Mixer repair service was born out of the pandemic and the issues we experienced making home visits! We decided a parcel point/drop off location that was open 7 days a week meant greater convenience for many during the the changing work arrangement that the pandemic imposed. This now continues because it seems to suit many of our customers. *NOTE* We only do repairs during the normal 5 business days during normal business hours. Please don't expect we offer a 7 day repair service because that is not the case!

To accomplish this and help our customers have faith that we being transparent and only doing work instructed by them, we have opted for text messaging as the most convenient way to take instruction or inform of our progress. To that end we ask customers to text us the problems/work they want us to investigate/undertake so that there is an audit trail that we can all rely on.

We will send you pictures of your machine pre-condition and post-condition so you can feel comfortable that all is above board and being done in accordance with your instruction.

Payment is now either easier if your tech savvy and used to making payment from your phone or computer; no so much if you're anti the convenience of modern day virtual transacting. But it does solve much of the risk of transferring Covid-19 and other not so nice bugs! So, if you can't send and receive electronic communications or prefer not to; please find an alternate service that might be better suited to your preferences.

What we don't do!

Unless you ask! And that can't be part of a broader discussion.


We don't assume what work you want done!

Missing parts, speed adjustments, oil bushes, adjust beater to bowl clearances, noisy components etc. etc. Why you ask? Fair question. The answer is; economics! Let's say an average KitchenAid mixer is $650 new. We of course don't know what you paid, how old it is or how much work it has done; or what your threshold of pain financially will be that tips a customer from repairing to replacing their mixer. So, unless you provide an active instruction to attend to specific issues, then we will normally restrict our time and efforts to the matter(s) you have instructed.

That means making sure we have a clear instruction about what you want done. Every machine has it's own "norm". When we receive it, that norm is taken for granted. Almost no two machines run at the same speed. Customers get use to their speed and adjustments they use to achieve their outcome. So, after having enough customers grizzle when we adjust them to normal operating speeds, we have learnt that this is best left alone; unless specifically asked or part of repair function that requires it. Same goes with noise. Every customer does different things with their machine. Someone who whips cream cheese on a regular basis at high speed ends up with a very different wear tone than say someone who occasionally makes a pancake batter. Same goes with age and cleaning regime. People that use the juicer have a very different wear condition a few years down the road compared to someone that is always mixing flours. Juicing breaks down grease, flour dries grease.

Also, customers expectations vary dramatically. For instance a missing foot might not even warranty a mention to one customer, while another might consider the failure to report this as a failure on our part. The problem is where do we start and finish. Should we check each and every armature for its proper integrity. This means removing it from its housing and conducting 3 metered tests on each segment. That's a lot of time to find out there is no problem. Customers normally report the motor getting warmer than normal. This then becomes the dominant repair matter we attend to.

Not everybody provides the accessories to undertake specific adjustments/repairs. If you want us to adjust beater to bowl clearances, then we need the bowl, whisk and any other beater causing concern.

So please, when dropping your machine in for repairs, make sure you include your name, mobile number, and a description of the fault you want attended to, along with any other issues you want attended to.

We also don't do Test and Tag. This is a commercial requirement intended to meet Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation. If you are a commercial customer and require this do be done, then we recommend you contact your regular contractor and ask them to attend to this. That way your appliance will be added to your WHS records.

Commercial Customers

Cafés, Schools, any use needing a TAX INVOICE


Welcome dear customer! We need to make you aware that we don't offer warranty for commercial use. When you use an appliance not intended for commercial use, means the manufacturer has not designed the product for that use and often isn't suitable for such a purpose. We do undertake repairs for commercial business, but only on the clear understanding we don't offer warranty or tax invoices. You will receive essentially the same administration as our domestic customers minus the warranty.

We do warranty our workmanship, but this is limited to where we haven't done our job properly, not where the intended purpose has affected the outcome.

Our majority of repairs is for the domestic kitchen use and our methods of quoting/communicating is tailored to this demographic. It means we provide sms communications for most of our quotes, pictures, updates on progress and queries etc.

Our transactions are normally done via bank transfers. We can take payments via eftpos over the phone and the final transaction proof is attached to your machine via our business card.



Receiving a formal written quote and tax invoice is not a normal part of our process. Our quotes are based on typical repair requirements and are texted to our customers for their approval. We then supply pictures of the damage, if applicable, with a shot or two showing the parts replaced as applicable. If your needs fall outside this process, please don't hesitate to discuss these needs prior to work taking place.

Before & After

Grease choice???

Not all greases are equal

Most of our communication is via text messaging. You will normally receive a picture of the damaged item(s) during the quotation phase. Not always, but sometimes we will also send the after shot of the repair that has been completed. Certainly, if you want any images that will help you make your repair choices please let us know early, because we can't take before pictures if we haven't already cleaned the gearbox.

U Microlubrol

MicroLubrol Gear and Bearing Grease. This is the original grease used by the KitchenAid factory. Only problem is, it's not food grade. And, when it liquifies it can make its way into the foods being mixed.

Post UMicroLubrol

MicroLubrol which went off the spare parts list for a long time without a recommended replacement. Now they are using the planetary grease as a substitute. This too is still not classified as food safe if it can make it into the food stuff.

Clean and ready to regrease

Most of the expense in changing the grease is in the cleaning process. Making sure all the old grease is cleaned away takes time.

Clean and ready to regrease base

The grease we use is food safe, even if it makes its way into your food bowl. Not suggesting for a second it is what you want, or going to improve the taste. But from our experience, we are the only ones that we know of that use a completely food safe grease.

Keeping you safe at home

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Social distancing

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Avoid contact

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Contactless Payment

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