DIY repairs

DIY at your own risk

Use a licensed professional


It’s simple; DIY (Do It Yourself) or using a mate is risky!

  • You RISK your insurance
  • You RISK getting electrocuted
  • You RISK fines by the Technical Regulator or Office of Business & Consumer Affairs
  • You RISK not being eligible to return faulty parts.
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They say "God helps those who help themselves". Well that might be so, but we don't. We frown on DIY. for vastly different reasons than safety.

Fault finding is about variables! The less variables, the less time it takes to find the fault! So if the beater doesn't spin, experience tells us where to look. But if the mixer doesn't spin and Uncle Arthur had a go at fixing it; well low and behold the variables potentially just shot through the roof. A mixer can't change its own wiring! Put change it own speed settings or other potential problems. When we undertake to do a quote, it is not based on checking or testing every part in the machine. You tell us the cord needs replacing, we don't quote on changing the grease. Our price/quote is based on the sensible expectation we see everyday when doing these repairs. You tell us it's not spinning, we don't change the electrical cord.

What we don't plan on is the Uncle Arthur factor! He doesn't factor into our pristine, linear logic! So, if Uncle Arthur has say tried to replace the brushes and it no longer works; either come clean and tell us or save us both the awkwardness and call another repairer - one that charges by the hour and not based on a quote. If we find the wiring has be altered or other evidence of DIY efforts, our quote will be void! Charges for time and parts will be made. And last but certainly not least, we won't remedy Uncle Arthur's muck up if you haven't specified the problem, the failed repair effort and what outcome you were expecting for the DIY fail. Particularly the re-installation of parts in a box, screws, covers, wires etc.

For us to deal with things that Uncle Arthur has mucked up or lost you must inform us before we accept the job. We need to know up front what mess we are likely to face. One of the main reasons we insist on knowing up front is because not all parts are available. Some parts may not be made available to the repair market. Also just because we work on mixer a lot doesn't mean we know how every mixer inside out. Certain elements of a mixer, often don't get touched by us. And so when Uncle Arthur dismantles the certain facets of the machine, we may have no experience reassembled it without being there for the disassembling phase.

Adelaide's first and only dedicated oven repair service

The licensing, skills, equipment and results are very different. Choose wisely!

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We use Kennards Panorama as our pick-up/drop-off point. So it's simple to find; U E64/617 Goodwood Road PANORAMA, SA, 5041.

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